Route Detail

SE-0432: Portland, OR 97206

  • Sales Center: GRESHAM, OR
  • Estimated Sales Price: $73,021
  • Historical 52 Week Average: $5,743
  • Date Posted: 12/27/2022
  • Route Owned By: Bimbo Bakeries

Responsibilities of a Distributor

Below is a list of some of the responsibilities:

  • Sales center - the location where the product is purchased and picked up 5 days a week.
  • Build relationships and satisfy customer requirements, guidelines and expectations including service frequency request, service times/windows, promotions, merchandising, and in certain stores weekly product inventories.
  • Grow weekly sales by building existing customers, selling additional product (through space and displays), and utilizing Bimbo Bakeries’ recommended point of sale materials.
  • Sell customers an adequate supply of fresh products and maintain this product on the customers’ shelves in a manner consistent with good industry practices.
  • Submit accurate orders, invoices, inventory counts, and return tickets to Bimbo Bakeries and your customers.
  • Place orders, review new products, and forecast product needs.
  • Sell and distribute products in a manner that enhances the reputation and goodwill of the product trademarks, trade names, and brands.

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